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The W300 air washer is distinguished by its efficiency and simplicity. We had your comfort in mind when we decided to add an additional water tank. You can run the appliance effortlessly for up to three days and achieve ideal humidity in your home. Handling is characterized by simplicity. The knob allows you to select between two performance levels: day or night mode. A red LED lets you know that water needs to be refilled. In addition to making the unit convenient to operate, the designers were also sure to make cleaning easy – most of the parts can just be placed in the dishwasher or washing machine, saving hand-scrubbing time. The W300 fits in with any living room or office, thanks to its understated and modern design.

The Air Washer system provides both air humidification and air washing at the same time. The 3 dimensional evaporator mat turns in the water, which adds moisture to the air. The water acts as a natural filter, which washes the air of impurities (e.g. dust, pollen and particle bound odors). The self-regulating evaporation principle ensures the correct humidity in the room, as the air automatically draws as much moisture as it needs at any given moment. Air Washers can be used all year round and are especially suited for allergy sufferers, due to their natural cleaning principle, without the need for additives.



  • 2-in-1 humidification and air washing. Humidifies the air with high efficiency thanks to the innovative evaporator mat.

  • Cleans the air of large particles, such as pollen and house dust. Incredibly easy to clean - washing machine and dishwasher safe components.

  • With its' outstanding design, the W300 has extra-long run time thanks to the additional water tank – lasts up to 3 days!

  • Humidification power up to 2.22 gallons, low power consumption, two power levels for day and night operation and automatic shut-off in case of empty water tank.

  • Contains a fragrance container for use with essential oils. Direct fill water tank, and easy operation and cleaning.

Boneco W300 Air Washer Humidifier

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