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Pick your poison! Three perfectly wicked scenes unfold on this Loungefly Disney Villains Triple Pocket Glow-in-the-Dark Mini Backpack. With three pockets and scenes to choose from, you’ll love tucking away all the things you need to have a scream of a day. Ursula and Dr. Facilier share the spotlight on the first pocket. Below, Ursula’s minions, Flotsam and Jetsam, circle their tails around the cauldron that holds Ariel’s locket—and her voice. An eager Ursula looks ready to wrap her tentacles around the prize. In the dark, the locket and the light surrounding it, glow an eerie golden hue. Above them, Dr. Facilier invites you to see what’s in the cards. He stands before the table set for two, with the curtains drawn open, inside Dr. Facilier’s Voodoo Emporium. It looks like a transformation, with the help of friends from the other side, is about to take place! The mask locket that unleashes mysterious powers glows red—along with the inside of the tent—in the dark. This magical moment, in the dark, draws further light from the globe at the top of Dr. Facilier’s cane, which glows a purplish red. In the middle compartment, Hades holds a blue flame in his fingertips, while Pain and Panic tremble and cower with fear. In the dark, the flame in Hades’ fingertips glows blue—along with his hair and the light cast along the brick that arcs over the scene. At the very top, the Evil Queen reigns supreme—having just dipped the apple into the poison cocktail. It drips into the shape of a deadly skull—and in the dark, it glows a ghastly green—along with a faint light that reflects onto the Queen’s chest and her eyelids. On the back, the symbol for each villain makes an appearance, including the poison apple, a blue flame, a conch shell, and a colorful mask. It’s the perfect accessory for packing all the items necessary to have a spellbinding day—or for transforming everyday travels into frightfully fun adventures.



  • Backpack features include sturdy gunmetal hardware, adjustable straps, side pockets, vegan leather (polyurethane), and debossed, glow-in-the-dark, and printed details. Note the coordinating lining.

  • This backpack is an officially licensed Disney product

Loungefly Disney Villains Glow in the Dark Mini Backpack

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